*Baroness*LapDance & Couple chair etc.

*Baroness*LapDance & Couple chair Texture change


*** Promo Price 600L$>>>> 198L$ ***

For Limited Sale!! one month only!
(until 30 April,2011)

30animations 20POSE (non ball siter)
●male sit 5 ●female sit 5
●Sexy dance 5 ●Couple sit 5

SHOPで お試し出来るけど
プロモ価格ゎ 期間限定

*この ソファの持ち主ゎ
そのまま 買ったっぽい気がするけど。。。
ナイショ face06


al vulo- eliza* vanity bronze *old gift

DeeTaleZ eyelashes black sticky

■make up
AtomicBambi Tattoo – Sabrina Lip – Nude

Action Womens Hair Brooke.2 – Nut

Maitreya RB-Tank * White

*League* Buttoned Corduroy Mini -Cream

BAX Prestige Boots Brown Leather

Inimitably Design – Butterfly Swirls Tattoo *old gift

Leather Gloves

ROZOREGALIA – *Gazellver*Ring&Nail/1(F):Ring

*Baroness*LapDance & Couple chair Texture change


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